Client: J Walter Thompson

Product: Kingsmill Bread

One Friday afternoon James received a call from a film production company in London who were creating a series of television commercials in Liverpool. Their client was J Walter Thompson and the campaign was for Kingsmill Bread. They required a photographer who could realistically produce early 1960s style images using cameras from that era.

Confident that he could fulfil the request a meeting was arranged for the Sunday at a Liverpool Hotel with the film director Martin Granger. The meeting was a success and James was shooting on set at 7.30 am the next day!

The total shoot lasted four days with the stills images being processed over night at the end of each day ready for the following morning at 7.30. James was working along side a film crew fronted by music and film camera man Tim Maurice-Jones. The director was very particular that "no digital" was to be shot as everything was to be as realistic as possible.

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